Sunday, May 23, 2010

What's a good way to kill those little bugs that fly on & around my house plants?

get some lady bugs and put them on your plants. They will eat the other bugs.

What's a good way to kill those little bugs that fly on %26amp; around my house plants?
Empty your pencil sharpener and put the shavings around the base of the plant. Now that you have the bugs, use a trap. They are bright in color and will attract the bugs that stick to it. Sounds gross but wait until you see how many you trap. Go to for a good source.
Reply:They are like fruit flies, take a small glass or jar and put a little cider vinegar in it and a couple of drops of liquid dish washing soap and set it by your plants, wait a few days and look thru the bottom of the jar, you won't believe how many are in there, change the mixture as needed, I set several of these out every does work!
Reply:You can go out and buy bug spray, you got just go a bottle of chemicals and spray it at them, or you can get nets around your plants!!!
Reply:If fruit flies are what those pests are, then set around several small bowls of vinegar-it attracts them and they get stuck in it. Leave the bowls for about two days; you shouldn't need anymore than that.
Reply:Do you mean fruit flies. I'd sure like to know how to ice those little beasties...
Reply:go to the hardware store they have the stuff over there in the plant isle it is a spray just tell the man at the hardware store what you are looking for he will help you. don't know the name of it there are a few diffent kinds.
Reply:they have stuff in a spray bottle at nurseries designed just to kill those bugs. im not sure what its called, im sorry.

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